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"You haven’t tried the best coney island chili sauce until you’ve tried ours!"

The one and ONLY Coney Island hot dog Chili Sauce

What you can do with our Chili Sauce

Grilled Chili Potato Skins

Ingredients 4 cups of National Chili, cooked 3...

Coney Style Pizza

Ingredients • 8 cups of National Chili,...

Chili Corn Bread Pie

Ingredients 4 cups of National Chili, cooked 1...

Location and hours of operation

Mon-Fri 9am-3:30pm Sat-Sun Closed

Customer Testimonials

Chris R.

This past summer we were at the Jersey shore and found ourselves with a bunch of ex-Detroiters from
around the country. I was raving about National Chili sauce and we went online and ordered some — the
next day it was at our door and we had a coney island party It was a huge hit.

Chris R.
- Grosse Pointe, Michigan

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